Hey, everyone 👋
I like making meaningful interfaces and fun interactions with code.
I also design and wireframe user journeys.

Coding Projects.

  1. Endometriosis Tracker

    work in progress

    A webapp to track endometriosis pain

    Tech Stack:
    NextJS, Supabase, TailwindCSS

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  2. SearchGif

    A fun React project utilising Giphy API

    Tech Stack:
    React.js, GiphyAPI for data, CSS

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    A blog about motherhood journey in every stages.

    Tech Stack:
    Next.js, Headless Wordpress, GraphQL, Tailwind CSS

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UI/UX Design Case Studies.

  1. The UXConf Dashboard

    work in progress

    Design an admin dashboard to manage design conference bookings and marketing data to help the company make data-driven marketing decisions.

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  2. The Octopus Club

    work in progress

    Improving the user experience for sellers when they share their profile

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  3. TfL Journey Planner Page Improvement

    work in progress

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A bit about me

I am a mum to my little boy.

I am a frontend engineer.

I mainly work with React/JavaScript and a sprinkle of CSS .

I enjoy learning and tinkering with code.

I love designing and improving user journey flow, with data-driven research for implementation.

You can learn more about me here.