The Octopus Club


The Octopus Clus is a preloved marketplace from parents to parents.

As a frequent user of the platform, I found it difficult to share my profile with a list of preloved items I was selling to family and friends. Another member also flagged up the same challenge when she wanted to share her profile.

To understand this problem, I reached out to the founder to see if we could kindly get in touch to the octopus club's members who currently have open listings so we could do usability testing to collect data and test my assumptions and hypothesis.

Project Overview


October 2023 - November 2023

My role

UX/UI Designer, UX Researcher


Improve the user experience for sellers when they share their profile

Tools and methodology
  • Review current design of the platform
  • Competitior Analysis on this particular user journey
  • Figma and code to mock up design
  • Userberry for usability testing and preference test
  • Data analysis

By tweaking the account profile dropdown, we can make the experience of sharing seller's profile more intuitive by reducing the number of click interactions a user has to do.

Design Process


October 2023. The Octopus Club, a preloved marketplace for kind parents is a popular alternative to Vinted or Facebook Marketplace. The workflow to sharing seller’s profile is not very intuitive so we need to optimise that.

Problem Definition

Current user journey to share seller’s listing page is unintuitive. We want to understand better how different users do this and how we can improve this journey.

Ideation and Objective

Improve the user experience for sellers, so they can easily and quickly share their seller’s profile with a list of item listings to friends and family. We want to reduce the click interactions to share their profile.

Empathize with users and understand them a bit better

We lacked understanding in user wants, needs and expectations.

  • Current frustations and pain points
  • What did they really want?
  • What did they really need?
Reviewing the current design

Before we could send the surveys out, we did our own research by reviewing the current design and understanding the current user flows to share profile.

Concept Development
Usability Testing

To understand their key painpoints, wants and needs, we need to recruit current members of The Octopus Club who currently are sellers so we can then classify insights gathered.

We put together survey questions for usability testing on Useberry and the last question is a preference test, to get an idea if our hypothesis that by reducing the clicks to share their profile will make the user journey more intuitive.

Questions we asked:
  • How often do you use or browse on The Octopus Club?
  • I found the current The Octopus Club homepage as a seller could be improved
  • Imagine your family member or friend has asked you to share your profile page that shows all the items you are selling, can you tell me how you’d go about this?
  • How difficult (1) or easy (5) was it to find and share your profile with a list of your listings?

The aim of these questions is to gather end user insights and data on their frequency of platform usage and whether they find the user journey to share their profile easy or difficult. We want to be able to analyse this data to see if our hypothesis matches the data.

Preference test

At the end of the questions, we show the users 2 screenshots: an original user journey vs an improved user journey and we did a preference test to see if the improved version is preferred.


Due to nature of the work, instead of prototyping the design from scratch and to mimic the UI as close possible for the users to be familiar with, I decided it was best to change the DOM elements in browsers and taking a screenshot of the new flow.

Outcomes and reflections

Currently work in progress - waiting for users's survey results.

Key Takeaways


Impact of the project