The UXConf Dashboard


The UX Conference is an annual UX Design Conference run by School of UX in London and remotely.

As both a business owner and a UX professional, Sergei is committed to making the conference a thriving success every year.

To achieve this, he needs a unified platform to efficiently handle the conference and marketing budget, driving engagement and profitability.

Our admin dashboard is the key to helping Sergei reach his goals.

Project Overview


October 2023 - November 2023

My role

As a UX/UI Designer, it was crucial for me to grasp the business challenges and the rationale behind designing this dashboard. I engaged in meaningful discussions to inquire about the existing workflow that the business owner relied on to handle the task of exploring and managing all conference-related information and data.

I began the design process by crafting a low-fidelity wireframe to establish the basic content and layout, and later progressed to a high-fidelity wireframe.


Design a dashboard to manage bookings for a design conference

Tools and methodology
  • Initial interview to understand business objective and problems
  • Gather content and data required to design the dashboard
  • Figma to mock-up and design
Minimum features wishlist

They want to see all the following information in one place:

  • Total net sales, for determining profitability.
  • Available seats, to manage advertising spend effectively.
  • Latest orders, with quick amend, refund, and receipt export.
  • Customer locations, to target the right countries for ads.
  • Website traffic sources, for insight into visitor origins.
  • Data filtering by location and date range, providing a contextual overview.

Design and Discovery Process

Outcomes and reflections

Currently work in progress - prototyping to be done

Key Takeaways

This project was really fun to work with - I love being able to do it from scratch to visual interface.


One of the challenges we have is data source which comes from Excel.

Impact of the project