Learning Python with Code First Girls

Bank of America scholarship Code x First Girls #

I applied for a scholarship with Code First Girls in mid-February. I came across their tweet and jumped at the opportunity. It was for a career-switcher course in Python. I want to learn how to do data analysis with Python and get into Data Science and Machine Learning so I thought this will be a great opportunity.


I was jumping up and down when I got the email! My little baby boy and husband were so happy for me. Baby just smiled seeing me smile, so that was the best moment.

Code First Girls (CFG) #

CFG is on a mission to help women rewrite their future. I am on board with their mission as women are currently underrepresented in the Tech industry.

According to a report by PwC, female make up 23% of the people working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) roles.I think that statistic speaks volume. (1)

Our instructror is Sjoukje and she's a brilliant instructor. I love her teaching approach and how easy going she is. Emily is our assistant instructor and she has been nothing but amazing at helping the students debug or resolve problems during class.

There are 25 of us in the online class via Zoom and the 2-hour sessions are chill but yet packed with fundamentals of python.

Iā€™m gonna blog my study notes so that I could refer to them as I go and build on projects using Python.

I will add a list of my study notes as I go along the course.


  1. Women in Tech report by PwC UK